Bungo Blog Survey Results

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1. We thought first to check how often people visit the Bungo Blog. Just click on the most relevant box.

At least once a day 3.60% 1
Between once a week and once a month 32.10% 9
About once a month 32.10% 9
Less than once a month 32.10% 9

2.  If you answered that you check the site less than once a week please indicate why this is.

Not updated enough 100.00% 24
No sections interest me 0.00% 0
Poor graphics 4.20% 1

Comments Everyone who commented reported that they didn’t visit the blog more often because it wasn’t updated enough rather than because there was nothing of interest in the blog. Some felt that the format wasn’t user friendly and that they had to hunt around to find things they were looking for rather than content being readily available.

Bungo Blog Response We have restructured the blog with drop down menus at the top featuring sections of interest against each drop down menu to make it much more accessible.

We have clearly separated out the blog from the static content and we aim to update the blog every few days with current events and news. Strathbungo Society minutes which featured prominently previously have been put into a separate section for those interested but will not feature on the front page of the blog.

3. We brainstormed for ideas on what should go in the Bungo Blog and this is what we came up with. Please tick against any or all sections you would like to see on the website or add your own ideas in the text box at the end.

Events calendar 100.00% 28
Local history/architecture 64.30% 18
Reviews (cafes, restaurants, events, days out etc) 71.40% 20
Community Council and Political 57.10% 16
Environment (planning, bins, street repairs etc) 92.90% 26
Arts and music 53.60% 15
Parents and kids section 50.00% 14
Local trades people and services 89.30% 25
Photographs 75.00% 21
Classified (lost, found and for sale) 71.40% 20
Advertisements/sponsors 39.30% 11

Comments There was clearly an appetite for most of the sections we proposed with the events calendar, environment and local trades being most popular.

Other ideas included featuring social clubs such as a chat forum for pertinent issues, book/craft clubs, walking and running clubs and routes in the area.

Bungo Blog Response We have included a forum with a welcome page, a page for social events, classified and feedback and general. We have added an events calendar, updated the trades pages and have a new environment section in the static content.

We have added a feed to the Strathbungo flickr page which everyone is invited to post photos to. We have also added a parents and kids page (schools etc). Other sections of interest such as arts and music will be included in the blog as events come up.

4. We have the option of adding some automatic feeds from other websites. We identified a few which you can click against them or you can add your own ideas in the text box below.

No feeds 19.20% 5
Weather and travel 34.60% 9
Flickr photos 57.70% 15
Twitter 15.40% 4

Bungo Blog Response We have added a feed from South Side Happenings, flickr, and weather. We have no Twitter account so didn’t include a feed from there. All blog posts are now linked to Facebook simply by clicking on the Facebook icon to post to your Facebook page.Comments Flickr photos and weather and travel were the most common requests. South Side Happenings was commonly requested in the comments sections as well as facebook. One person suggested a feed from the Community Council website.

5. We obviously can’t think of everything so please tell us what else you would like to see on Bungo Blog. (Or what you have had enough of!)

Comments This section sparked a lot of comment. A few people suggested linking to Facebook (which we have already done) to better publicise the blog. Some people wanted more on local crime and anti social behaviour while others suggested more links to local and community groups such as Glasgow Conservation Trust, Alexander (Greek) Thomson sites, Community Council, Shawlands. Glasgow City Council etc. A couple of people suggested weekly e mail digest updates while others suggested refreshing the format/graphics to make it more appealing.

Bungo Blog Response We have taken a lot of the suggestions on board though were conscious not to overload the Bungo Blog with lots of links to other sites. We have added hyper links to appropriate sites in suitable static content and will continue to look to add more links as we update the various sections.

One bright idea was to have a ‘hot topic’ section to spark debate among Strathbungo residents!

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