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Bungo in the Back Lanes, 2016 – THANK YOU!

June 21st, 2016 No comments

Nicola Opneing BitBLA BIG THANK YOU from The Strathbungo Society to everyone who contributed to making Bungo in the Back Lanes, 2016 such a great success.

We were lucky with the weather and with our local MSP, Nicola Sturgeon, who not only officially “opened” our event – she cut the golden ribbon – but stayed on to talk and chat to folks and stall holders and also made a few wee purchases into the bargain. Other elected representatives were also spotted – as were their tweets and re-tweets.

This year we had new volunteers, including from the Scouts and Harvest Bible, who joined Society volunteers to set up and take down the event; erecting tables and gazebos to placing chairs and signage and collecting donations from stall holders.

Thanks also to all who donated to the Society’s bottle and tombola stalls.  The income from these, plus donations from stall holders, is what largely funds Bungo in the Back Lanes, plus a grant from Glasgow City Council to cover the hire of tables, chairs etc.

What makes Bungo in the Back Lanes a great bottom-up, community-organised event are all the people who open up their lanes and gardens to celebrate the creativity, community and fun of living in Strathbungo.  It’s their enthusiasm that makes it the best community event in Glasgow – bar none – and the original Southside event.


What’s on at Bungo in the Back Lanes 2016

June 14th, 2016 No comments

Only a few days to go until the Southside’s favourite one-day festival gets underway. See below for what to expect at this year’s Bungo in the Back Lanes. Though, what with it being a DIY affair, we won’t know all the delights on offer until the actual day, so you’ll have to come down and see!

48138 Strathbungo Society Map A4


What’s on at Bungo in the Back Lanes 2016

Lane 1

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Children’s Garden – hosted by Merry-go-Round

Face Painting

Roaming magician

Govanhill Baths Rags to Riches Stall

Stall in aid of Mary’s Meals

Lane 2

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Mulberry Street Bar & Live music – see separate music programme

Glad Cafe Bar

Scouts Tombola

Flower Stall

Akeko Eats – South East Asian Food Pop-Up

Loch Fyne Seafood

Bric a brac and Veggie Food Stall

Vintage clothes stall

Lane 3

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Mulberry Street Bar Area – behind 10 Marywood Square

Live music – beside bar area

Strathbungo Society Tea Garden with live music

Lynsay Meffen – home made cards

Karen Cairns – original artwork, cards & giftware

Strathbungo Society Stall & Tombola

Cats’ Protectiton League

Stephen O’Neill – original art work

Shimla Pinks – pakora etc

New Victoria Gardens – flowers, plants, jams and preserves

Butterfly and the Pig

Lane 4

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

South Seeds

Pizzacato – pizza baked in real pizza oven: behind No 5 Marywood Square

Martin Capaldi – Surf Dogs: gourmet hot dogs

Tipis for Kids


Roll Up Roll Up – Be a Bungo in the Back Lanes Stallholder!

April 27th, 2016 No comments



There are only just over six weeks to go until the area’s favourite annual event best underway: Bungo in the Back Lanes!

As most know, BITBL is a DIY event where people are encouraged to set up a stall somewhere in the back lanes and use the opportunity to sell all manner of items – from bric a brac and secondhand clothes to records, food and lemonade stalls. If you’re interested in being a stallholders, please contact us on

Bungo in the Back Lanes 2016 (BITBL 2016) – Planning Meeting

February 22nd, 2016 No comments


BITBL 2016 will be held on Saturday 18th June. To help make the day a success a team of willing volunteers is needed to plan, organise and run the event.

If you are interested in getting involved, the first planning meeting for BITBL 2016 will be held at the Den, The Bungo on Tuesday 23rd February at 7.30pm.

If you unable to come along on the night and wish to volunteer please send an e-mail to to record your interest.

Bungo In The Back Lanes 2016 – SAVE THE DATE!

February 10th, 2016 1 comment


Always fond of a bit of advance planning, we thought people would like to hear Bungo In The Back Lanes 2016 will be taking place this year on Saturday 18th June. from 1-4pm. So SAVE THE DATE!

As ever, we would love for help in the lead up to the event and on the actual day. Attending a Strathbungo Society Monthly Meeting is a good way to find out more about volunteers needed. The next one is at 7.30pm on Tuesday February 16th, downstairs at The Bungo.

Bungo In the Back Lanes Raffle Prizes

June 29th, 2015 No comments

A huge ‘thank you’ to the following local businesses and residents who so generously donated prizes for our raffle at this year’s event:

La-Tea-Doh, Sainsbury’s, Marie Brown at Home, Hair Garden, Panda House, Sammy Dow’s, Floral Haven, Margaret Gillan, The Bungo, Rock n’Roller, Douglas Anderson, Locavore, Rum Shack, Christopher Robin, Zuccini, Allison Arms, Hairspray, S & A Smile Clinic, Juliette Hutchison, Buddy’s, Tapa, Victoria Barbers, Stevenson & Sons Drycleaners, Morya Jane’s, Queen’s Park Chemist, Little Botanica.

Thanks to one and all and for all your support of BITBL’s!

It was great that so many people were able to pick up their fabulous prizes on the day. However, we still have three that are unclaimed:

Pink tickets:86 to 90 Pink tickets:141 to 145 Pink tickets:476 to 480

Are you the winner of a prize? If so, contact me:

Thanks for another great Bungo In The Back Lanes!

June 24th, 2015 No comments

What an amazing day! Great stalls, activities and atmosphere. The weather wasn’t bad either! Thanks to all residents and local
businesses who set out their wares to create a day of fun and festivity for families friends and neighbours. The fantastic live music programme and contribution from Glasgow Sport really helped to make the day and keep people smiling. The visit to our event from our MSP and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon certainly generated a lot of smiles too – and selfies!!

Thanks for all the very positive feedback – we’ve really appreciated the posts and messages we’ve received telling us what a good day it was. As I’m sure you know, this event happens due to the good will, time commitment and hard work of a lot of people. It couldn’t happen without them – thanks to each and every one of them for helping to make Strathbungo the thriving strong community that it is.

Full coverage will be in the next Newsletter. In the meantime, if you have any comments, feedback or questions, please contact me:

What’s on at Bungo in the Back Lanes 2015

June 19th, 2015 No comments

We’re looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for a great day with family, friends and neighbours! A programme of the stalls and activities we know about is detailed below, along with a map. No doubt there will be lots of good surprises on the day! The Strathbungo Society will also be warmly welcoming our area’s MSP, MP and Councillors to the event.


48138 Strathbungo Society Map A4-2



What’s on at Bungo in the Back Lanes

Lane 1

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Ann Sievers-Henderson – general household items

Barbara Byrne

Children’s Garden – hosted by Merry-go-Round

Face Painting

Bouncy Castle – Harvest Bible Chapel

Live Music – Harvest Bible Chapel

Tai Chi Chuan demo – behind No 4 Regent Park Square

Shawlands Academy fundraiser children’s food, activities & toilet

(find them behind No 6 Regent Park Square)

Aline-Wendy Dunlop – plants, crafts, teas

Caitlin De-Lyon – kids toys

Cross-Lane 1B

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Architectural Trail – self directed activity. Pick up trail info from

1, Moray Place main entrance on Nithsdale Road – just up from

Sammy Dow’s

Lane 2

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Mulberry Street Bar & Live music – see separate music programme

Trudy Dow – homemade cards and gift items

High Rise Bakers- social enterprise offering bread & cakes

Kirstin Beaton – vintage clothes and upcycling

Glad Café & Ranjit’s Kitchen – enjoy some beer and wine with the

food too!

Cross-Lane 2B

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Bakery 47 & Funinacup coffee

Cross-Lane 2A

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Pop-up pakora & samosas

Lane 3

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Mulberry Street Bar Area – behind 10 Marywood Square

Live music – beside bar area

Strathbungo Society Tea Garden with live music

Lynsay Meffen – home made cards

Karen C airns – original artwork, cards & giftware

Strathbungo Society Stall & Raffle – buy raffle tickets here!

Cats’ Protectiton League

Babu Kitchen – pakora etc

Strathbungo Society Tombola Stall

Stephen O’Neill – original art work

Shimla Pinks – pakora etc

Gusto & Relish – delicious fare

Cross-Lane 3B

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

New Victoria Gardens – flowers, plants, jams and preserves

Strathbungo Society Bottle Stall – buy raffle tickets here too!

Then & Now Picture Show – garage of 52 Marywood Square

World Challenge Stall – Shawlands Academy pupils

Lane 4

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

South Seeds

Pizzacato – pizza baked in real pizza oven: behind No 5 Marywood Square

Live music – behind No 5 Marywood Square

Caroline Stafford – Swedish massage

Martin Capaldi – Surf Dogs: gourmet hot dogs

Pram Park – behind No 3 Marywood Square

Cross-Lane 4B

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Violin Music performed by young students – behind 31 Moray Place

Home baking

Loch Fyne Seafood Barbecue – behind 27 Moray Place

Live music – behind 27 Moray Place

Cross-Lanes 1A, 3A & 4A   Residents’ stalls

Lots of other surprises & pop-ups!

Look out for: Maker’s jewellery workshop,

Gitte Griffith books, vintage crafts & bags

Christopher Robin Café

 Lane 5

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Lynn Wilson – food & handmade cards

Children’s bric-a-brac stall

Strathbungo Society Children’s stall – buy raffle tickets here!

Live music – behind 53 Vennard Gardens

Glasgow Sport activities & coaching for children & young people

Euan Shields – hand made shabby chic house items

Hot dogs on fresh organic buns

Bungo Toilets: 1 disabled, 1 regular – behind 48 Thorncliffe Gardens


Get Set for Bungo in the Back Lanes 2015!

June 17th, 2015 No comments


With less than 5 days to go, stall-holders will soon be getting their wares together and residents counting their pennies to spend, as Bungo in the Back Lanes is happening this Saturday 20th June from 1-4pm.

Famous for its residents’ stalls selling everything from bric-a-brac and jewellery to homemade food and clothes, Bungo In The Back Lanes is bigger than ever and now takes place between Nithsdale Road and Thorncliffe Gardens. People are free to open up their garden or bring a table full of goods they’d like to sell down to the lanes on the day. It is always exciting to see what appears on the day – previous years have seen lemonade stalls, races and antiques in a shed plus many other intrepid ideas.

Other features to look out for this year include: Loch Fyne Seafood BBQ; NV Allotments plant sale; Babu Bombay Street Kitchen; Merry Go Round’s Childrens Garden with bouncy castle; face painting and games for children; Glad Café Garden; Then and Now In and Around Strathbungo Picture Show; Glasgow Sport’s activities for children; Bakery 47, Swedish Massage; Architectural Trail plus live music from local bands in each lane.


Bungo In The Back Lanes – Bring It On!

January 30th, 2013 No comments

The ball is well and truly rolling on Bungo In The Back Lanes 2013. We did get a number of volunteers in response to our newsletter ad (thank you!) but we can always handle more, so we’re holding a planning meeting this Tuesday 5th February in Grianach on Nithsdale Rd from 7.30pm.Please come if you want to see the event happen this year.

We already have volunteers for the media tasks, finance and insurance applications, but we still need people to volunteer to mastermind the following:

The children’s garden – we need a new venue and someone to put on activities like face painting, story telling, the bouncy castle (if you have space), games etc.

Health and Safety – not as onerous as it sounds, the main duties are contacting the police, fire, St Andrew’s Ambulance and environmental health department, making sure we do all we can to minimise risks to the public and ourselves.

Logistics – booking tables and chairs, safety barriers, making sure high-vis vests, gazebos, banners etc get to the right places at the right time. This will be the most hands-on role during the day itself.

Entertainment – booking and paying bands, making sure they have PA systems and power.

Community – working with residents on the day and beforehand, helping resident stall holders and businesses find a spot and making sure they get added to the interactive Bungo map.

Crew – folk to help out on the day, manning Society fundraising stalls, setting up and taking down gazebos, tables and chairs, acting as stewards to help people find their way around, taking photographs of revellers.

We do have contacts, form letters and tonnes of experience to share so volunteers do not need any previous experience, just enthusiasm, a small amount of spare time in May/June and to be available on the day of the event, Saturday 22nd June.

I know people don’t like to hear this but this year, without question, the event will not happen without help from the community as well as the committee. Most of the above tasks were managed by one person last year (who will be having their third child in May this year), so a group of people should find organising the Southside’s friendliest, quirkiest local event a doddle!

Can’t make the meeting but still want to be involved? Get in touch here, via facebook, or email