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AGM poster

The Strathbungo Society AGM will take place  on Tuesday 25th October 2015 at 7.30pm in Queen’s Park Parish Church, 170 Queens Drive, G42 8QZ.
Tea and coffee is available from 7.00pm. All residents of Strathbungo welcome. You’ll find the agenda for the meeting here, and the Trustees’ Report here.

After the very well attended AGM last year, please come and support the Society again.  It’s a great chance to meet members of the Committee, get involved (there are lots of ways to support the work of the Society), meet other residents and hold the Trustees and Committee to account!

After the formal business, Jude Barber from Collective Architecture will give a presentation on the Pollokshields “charrette”, which was the community planning event that took place earlier this year and covered the Nithsdale Road/Drive/Street part of Strathbungo.  Jude will focus her presentation on the Nithsdale area on both sides of the railway.  It’s a great chance to hear ideas for how the area could be improved and to voice your views.

Consultation on Queens Park Arena

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There are some changes in the running of Queen’s Park Arena (QPA), with a new company – Inhouse – being engaged to oversee a programme of events from 2017 (when the Arena escapes the clutches of Scottish Water).

Inhouse are running a consultation with local people to find out what would best meet our needs. Here’s what they say:

“Inhouse are a socially conscious company and appreciate what Queen’s Park Arena means to the people of the Southside. We are asking for your input in to developing the space as both a community asset and a viable venue. Upon Scottish Water vacating and once the land around the site has settled, we plan to launch a full bodied programme of events from April 2017.

To make sure you have your say, the following surveys will only take a few moments of your time and will help us to take local businesses, organisations and residents’ views in to account when developing the events at QPA. The survey link for local businesses, groups and organisations is here, and if you are a local resident you can also fill out a neighbours’ survey here.

If you have views on the Arena and how it could be used, do take a few minutes to have your say!

Brighter Bungo this Sunday, Sep 25th

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bb-september-2016Brighter Bungo

Your next chance to make Strathbungo that little bit brighter.

Join Alan and his team for a couple of hours tidying up. All necessary equipment supplied.

Meet at corner of Nithsdale Road & Moray Place, from 11am to 1pm.

Sunday 25th September 2016.

Strathbungo Society AGM

Note for your diaries; the Society AGM will be on Tuesday 25th October. More details to follow at

Update on Network Rail proposals for Moray Place

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Further to the ongoing Network Rail saga, Network Rail has contacted The Strathbungo Society with revised plans to erect a boundary fence along the length of Moray Place.  In response to sustained community pressure from Strathbungo – and particularly Moray Place – residents, Network Rail seem to have reconsidered their plans in a number of regards, which is welcome.

The Society has been pressing Network Rail to meet with The Strathbungo Society and local elected representatives – at the City Chambers – to discuss their proposals in full.  All local elected representatives – councillors, MSP and MP – have backed the Society’s position and Network Rail have committed to meet soon.  Cllr Norman Macleod has offered to arrange the meeting, which we hope will be held later in August or early September 2016.

We’ll aim to keep you posted, and the Society will push for an community-based consultation once Network Rail’s wider plans are known – and agreed.

Kevin Kane

Chair, The Strathbungo Society

Bungo in the Back Lanes, 2016 – THANK YOU!

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Nicola Opneing BitBLA BIG THANK YOU from The Strathbungo Society to everyone who contributed to making Bungo in the Back Lanes, 2016 such a great success.

We were lucky with the weather and with our local MSP, Nicola Sturgeon, who not only officially “opened” our event – she cut the golden ribbon – but stayed on to talk and chat to folks and stall holders and also made a few wee purchases into the bargain. Other elected representatives were also spotted – as were their tweets and re-tweets.

This year we had new volunteers, including from the Scouts and Harvest Bible, who joined Society volunteers to set up and take down the event; erecting tables and gazebos to placing chairs and signage and collecting donations from stall holders.

Thanks also to all who donated to the Society’s bottle and tombola stalls.  The income from these, plus donations from stall holders, is what largely funds Bungo in the Back Lanes, plus a grant from Glasgow City Council to cover the hire of tables, chairs etc.

What makes Bungo in the Back Lanes a great bottom-up, community-organised event are all the people who open up their lanes and gardens to celebrate the creativity, community and fun of living in Strathbungo.  It’s their enthusiasm that makes it the best community event in Glasgow – bar none – and the original Southside event.


Online planning

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Glasgow City Council has put details of planning applications and building warrant applications since 2007 online. This includes all the paperwork that is usually found in applications, such as the forms, the plans, supporting documents from the applicant, comments from interested third parties such as neighbours, community councils, amenity societies and anyone else who might have an opinion on the application.

Because this information is available on the Council website, all old posts containing planning application notifications on the blog have been deleted. The blog can still be used to highlight local applications of interest to Strathbungo.

Planning applications can also be made online – see the Planning section of the Council website for details.


History of Strathbungo

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I have recently created a new section of my website with lots of images and information about the origins and history of Strathbungo.

I have tried to use original contemporary sources to uncover a few surprises . Hopefully it will be of some interest to all you local historians out there.

What’s on at Bungo in the Back Lanes 2016

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Only a few days to go until the Southside’s favourite one-day festival gets underway. See below for what to expect at this year’s Bungo in the Back Lanes. Though, what with it being a DIY affair, we won’t know all the delights on offer until the actual day, so you’ll have to come down and see!

48138 Strathbungo Society Map A4


What’s on at Bungo in the Back Lanes 2016

Lane 1

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Children’s Garden – hosted by Merry-go-Round

Face Painting

Roaming magician

Govanhill Baths Rags to Riches Stall

Stall in aid of Mary’s Meals

Lane 2

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Mulberry Street Bar & Live music – see separate music programme

Glad Cafe Bar

Scouts Tombola

Flower Stall

Akeko Eats – South East Asian Food Pop-Up

Loch Fyne Seafood

Bric a brac and Veggie Food Stall

Vintage clothes stall

Lane 3

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

Mulberry Street Bar Area – behind 10 Marywood Square

Live music – beside bar area

Strathbungo Society Tea Garden with live music

Lynsay Meffen – home made cards

Karen Cairns – original artwork, cards & giftware

Strathbungo Society Stall & Tombola

Cats’ Protectiton League

Stephen O’Neill – original art work

Shimla Pinks – pakora etc

New Victoria Gardens – flowers, plants, jams and preserves

Butterfly and the Pig

Lane 4

Residents’ stalls PLUS:

South Seeds

Pizzacato – pizza baked in real pizza oven: behind No 5 Marywood Square

Martin Capaldi – Surf Dogs: gourmet hot dogs

Tipis for Kids


Your views wanted! Shawlands Town Centre Customer Survey (2016)

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Shawlands Civic Square

Shawlands Civic Square

Make your views known on how to make Shawlands one of Glasgow’s most attractive town centres.

Shawlands is on the up with the £3.3m Town Centre Action Plan (TCAP) moving on apace.  New pavements have been laid as have new and better crossings. Most recently the Council gave final planning permission for a new Shawlands Civic Square, to be located in front of the A listed Langside Halls, at the junction of Pollokshaws and Langside roads – creating a new focal point for Shawlands and Strathbungo and the wider South Side.

As part of this on-going work, the Shawlands Business Association is updating the Shawlands Town Centre Customer Survey and is seeking the views of those who live, shop and visit Shawlands to help them – and the Council – identify how to make Shawlands one of Glasgow most attractive town centres. So how can Shawlands be improved?  What should the priorities be?  What would make you and others use it more?  Make your views known.

To take the survey visit: –

Local man on a mission

Ian Stark of Vennard Gardens is waging a one-man war on obesity and welcomes feedback or debate on his perhaps provocative theories. Here, with a nod to Sir Isaac Newton, he observes the blackbirds who feed on his apple tree.

[This article has been posted by a blog admin on behalf of Ian Stark.]

A proper Eureka Moment!

blooming apple treeI have a very small apple tree in my back garden which each year gets loaded (usually around 1,000) with cooking apples. I distribute with difficulty most of the apples, but this year there were well over 1,000 and I left over 100 on the tree and on the ground. While eating my breakfast one morning, I watched a blackbird eating from one of the apples on the ground. It just ate what it wanted then flew away.

Most of us have heard of the last apple that fell to the ground and, according to legend, led to a Eureka Moment that changed science in respect of gravity. Well – the bird on the ground was a very real eureka moment for me. One thought led to another and an especially good feeling went through my body. Think of all birds, light, thin with their little hearts beating 19 to the dozen. Except that is, the birds that walk on the ground – turkeys and hens to name but two.

You see, (or I hope you soon will) for the past four years I have been writing a book that goes slightly askew from current advice. I completed the book, checked all the facts and science, found definitive proof and arranged for the book’s publication. I had written in my book that 90% of the nutrients in apples are sugars! (Check nutrients online.) Also, that sugars are the fuel most used in fast exercise – without the food being stored as body fats before use. This is a key!

Sorry about that, it was such a pleasant little story and I’ve just turned most of you off, but please bear with me and keep an open mind if you can. This leads to better lives for all of us and hugely better for some of us!

So what happens to birds that stay on the ground? They can’t do fast movements and they get heavy therefore can barely fly. Cheetahs and greyhounds burst with fast energy but strangely are never heavy or fat! Elephants and Hippos don’t often use fast movements, grazing’s their way and heavy they stay.

Wrongly, I’d guess, this triggered my brain. I had completed a book that I had been writing as a hobby. However I had based my original conclusion that fast exercise (not food or lack of food) was the key to reducing weight gain and therefore obesity and Type 2 diabetes. I arrived at this by observation and the science of how the body works (my idea had formed over 40 years) and I was happy that my book showed this.

However, I had found no science that could verify completely that obesity would be reduced by people taking fast exercise in any given population (although my belief was that it would reduce obesity). Until, that is, I found a relatively new study of 132,793 British women which looked at how they had been living and this proved conclusively that sufficient fast exercise does make a population thinner! Look up – (“Physical activity in relation to body size and composition in women in UK Biobank”) and argue with it if you can!

My conclusion is that if anyone takes a lot of fast exercise – they won’t get fat. Those who take a moderate but very regular amount of fast exercise will need to keep an eye on when they eat and what they eat—and watch that they don’t take very large amounts at one sitting. Those who only take minimum exercise will be extraordinarily lucky not to put on gradually increasing amounts of weight, as well as watching when, what, and how they eat. So there you are:

A bird on the ground,
not looking around.
Has led to a thought,
that hasn’t been taught.

Fast Exercise is the primary means of avoiding obesity!

bare apple tree